VA Buyer Hollywood Fl

One Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were driving around Hollywood, as we were trying to locate a house referred by a realtor we were working with. We spotted an “open house” showing for a home nearby and, after much reluctance on my end towards my husband to stop and see it, we actually did stop at the home to take a look. Turns out we loved it, and put in an offer right away. Darren accepted the offer shortly after, and suddenly our home buying experience shifted toward a new angle we least expected, since we had so much hassle with other sellers accepting offers with VA loans.

The inspection process was very smooth and expedient, and Darren was always around to answer any questions or concerns we had, and he also made quick and concise efforts to fix any items the home inspectors found that needed addressing. To make a long story short, we closed on the house about a month after putting in the offer. Darren had extra tile let over from when he renovated the home, and was so kind as giving it to my husband in case we may need it for extra renovating on the home. At closing, Darren and his wonderful wife gave us a gift-card for dinner and a bottle of wine, which I thought was a sweet gesture to us first-time homebuyers.

Unfortunately a big issue occurred about two weeks after buying the home; we lost power via our 220 power lines, and had no air conditioning, dryer heat, stove heat, etc. We found that, during the home inspection prior to purchasing the house, the home inspector was misinformed by the electrician about a fuse breaker. So what did Darren do? He put on his invisible Superman suit, and came out to fix and correct the problem at no cost to my husband and I. The problem is solved, and our house is now a home, again, thanks to Darren.

Not only is Darren a recommendable home seller and listing agent, but he is also a genuine person with ethical business practices. My husband and I feel very lucky to have had worked with him. Thank ya Darren! 🙂